Tips to Protect Your Piano in a Piano Storage

Owning a piano can be a delight. But moving and putting away a piano can appear like an overwhelming task when you’re moving between homes or places. Piano is a substantial and huge, as well as a sensitive musical instrument that needs proper care. Along these, certain safety measures should be taken while it’s being moved and put away to anticipate costly or unsalvageable damage. You can opt for piano storage if you think it will be better idea to keep it safe in a storage.

Regardless of whether your piano was a speculation for your kids’ week by week lesson or is a family legacy with wistful esteem, self piano storage is the best choice for securing your piano while you’re moving as well as cutting down that extra piano storage cost.

To keep your piano safe from inward and outside damage, contract an expert to move it, store it in an atmosphere controlled condition, and make a point to have it tuned quickly after it leaves self storage.


Below are a couple tips you should remember while moving and putting away your piano in storage:


  • Put resources into an atmosphere controlled capacity unit. Pianos, like regular wooden furniture, are extremely touchy to changes in the temperature and moisture.
  • You should better assign the genuine moving to the experts. Pianos can run from 300 to more than 1,000 pounds. In the absence of the best possible tools they can be difficult to move. On the off chance that moved disgracefully, the procedure can harm the piano and you as well. Discover a storeroom that will enable piano movers to go ahead premises to convey your piano to the storage.
  • Lease a sufficiently substantial unit for the piano and store it on its legs in the upright position. Try not to store a piano on the sides.
  • When done, wipe the wooden surfaces with a fitting piano finish. You should never clean the piano keys with polish – rather wipe a slight sodden rug over the keys.
  • Cover the piano using a cotton sheet in order to keep the dust off the piano too and save it from any conceivable natural changes. Never utilize plastic or similar non-breathable material for piano storage.
  • Once you have moved the piano to your new place from the storage, let the piano “rest” for half a month prior getting it tuned. The piano also needs time to adapt to the new condition.

In the event that you choose to keep the piano in a storage unit, you must be cautious about the office that you pick and how you organize piano moving cost. It is likewise critical to remember that you should not leave the piano in a storage unit for too long.

This ought to be a transitory measure and you ought to dependably pick a local office that is sufficiently close to guarantee that you beware of it occasionally. You have to ensure that your piano is dealing with the storage well to maintain a strategic distance from harm.

Moving a piano can be an overwhelming undertaking and it is not one that you need to do yourself. Ensure that you utilize professional movers, particularly the individuals who manage piano moving. The instrument is very sensitive and it is better to leave the task to individuals with the correct mastery and tools.

Precautionary measures should be taken while moving the piano to maintain a strategic distance from unexpected or costly inside or outside damage. Additionally, ensure that the piano is tuned after you remove it from storage.

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