Shared Proxy-The Reliable Proxy for Surfing

People nowadays, are more into using the proxies for fast and safe surfing as the proxies supplants the Internet portal address of user to run the blocked sites. While there are a number of proxies. Out of them Shared proxy is most preferable because it is anonymous and hides the IP Address of the user thus hiding the geographical location of the user. Many people get dazed while buying proxies as some prefer the private proxies over the shared proxies, while some say the shared proxies are more reliable for surfing and are the cheapest proxies. People tend to buy Share proxy because of its unique feature and for this, people need to know the comparison between the two proxies.

Comparison with Private Proxy

There is a vast difference between shared proxies and private proxy. However, the structure or system of both proxies stays the same. Shared proxies are hardly eye catching or observable because such proxies are the anonymous proxies keeping the identity of user hidden. Numerous people use one Internet Portal address. Public or shared proxy server can often be used with those applications or web servers which brace or allow the use shared proxy. Shared proxy also supports the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is an application or program for the systems of information. Shared proxies are the anonymous proxies which are usable by the various users in same time while the Private proxies work differently. Only one user can use the private proxy at a time.

Why most companies buy Shared Proxies?

As it acquiesces the complete unnamed and unsigned surfing on the web or Internet. Most of the companies use shared proxy. Shared proxy simplify indicates that, if certain team of company or some association agrees to use it, then the proxy will be approachable for all. Shared proxy is also known as public proxy due to its features and distinguishing characteristics. These characteristic and features make them buy shared proxies.

User Feel safe while surfing on Web

The anonymous or shared proxy makes it almost impossible for the companies to chase the IP address of the user. And the user feels safe on Internet while surfing on web.

Shared Proxy Packages

The shared proxy servers have certain packages when it comes to buying shared proxies. Shared proxy packages are conveyed accordingly to the user’s system once the amount or cash has been acquired. The cheapest shared proxy supports the features as the expensive ones do. If the user wants to get more features, which includes collecting Internet Portal address, fast surfing or browsing speed. Along with these features the ease of accessing the locations. For these features, user need to pay more and the price may be worth it. The shared proxy server not only allows he IP address but it also allows the Signing up confirmation. The shared proxy package gives its users the facility to access or open the other proxies mainly the private proxy. One can go add, change and remove the certified Internet Protocol address. He can also change or amend his authorized username and passcode.

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