Pastor Chris of Christ Embassy Imparts with the Message of Grace

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a grace minister recognized for his global ministry, formerly Believer’s Loveworld Fellowship. Pastor Chris went on to host Haven Convention 2017 where thousands of people gathered to receive from the Lord. The message for the season came strongly through several servants, where they urged the people to increase their cords in response to the significant expansion ahead. Chris Oyakhilome is known to have been burning with fire for Christ since his campus days. The prolific author is also known for inspiring generations with his publications. When Chris calls for faith healing meetings, thousands gather not only to get healed but also to commune with the Lord and get their spiritual lives significantly transformed.

Interesting Details About Pastor Oyakhilome

It will astound you to know that pastor Chris’ Christ Embassy traces its roots in Ambrose Ali University. Back then it was called Believer’s Loveworld Fellowship, and it has grown to become an amazingly huge global ministry. They have extended their presence beyond Nigeria to the United Kingdom, United States of America, South Africa, and Canada. The ministry now celebrates having millions of associates and followers from across the globe. It is equally necessary to highlight that Oyakhilome is married to Anita, and between them are two daughters. Anita joined Chris Oyakhilome in his calling, and she serves in their London church. Chris and the wife are recognized as hard-working ministers pursuing incredibly great business opportunities.

Life Changing Experience at the Haven Nation

Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka was on the altar the first day, and she ministered about one’s calling. The Haven attendees had a fantastic opportunity to get reminded of making their election sure. Pastor Ifeoma used Psalm 33:12 as her guiding scripture as she urged the brethren to uphold their zeal and passion for God’s kingdom. Pastor Oyakhilome also took ample time in the plenary sessions, an utterly anticipated moment. Chris authoritatively passed the message of God regarding preparing for the current times and praying for the women and men in authority. He highlighted the need to fight against powers hampering the impact of the gospel among nations. The charismatic preacher connected the word with a topic on realization of one’s purpose, illustrating the superior quality of life.

The Impact of Haven Nation on the Entire World

There are millions of believers always looking forward to Haven Nation conferences. For them, being in the ambiance of the Holy Spirit and among God’s people means everything. Individuals who attend those meetings are left looking forward to many more. There are thousands of people confessing of their significant transformation from Haven Nation. The experiences have always been impacting the attendees remarkably to the point of declaring that they are ready to be God’s people. It takes God’s grace to see huge crowds break before God and cry over their sins. Approaching the Almighty with a contrite spirit comes with impartation as high as that experienced at Haven Nation.

Haven Nation as a Beacon of Hope

Chris and his fellow preachers are devoted to lifting people regardless of their situations. At Haven nation, every delegate is appreciated for their position in the body of Christ. You are allowed to break and seek God like never before as you enjoy being in His presence. It is time to desire new frontiers of kingdom growth.

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